Visiwave Site Survey

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VisiWave Site Survey


VisiWave Site Survey is a complete 802.11a/b/g/n/ac site surveying solution. You collect survey data using a standard wireless adapter while walking around the survey area clicking on a floor plan image, using a GPS receiver to track your location, or using a customized navigation device. VisiWave quickly and automatically maps out radio characteristics in the survey area using either the included reporting application or by integrating with Google Earth. These allow you to easily assess your overall Wi-Fi coverage and to drill into great detail on specific areas of interest.

VisiWave is an effective tool for performing surveys inside buildings, outside on campuses, city-wide hotspots, already deployed wireless networks, or pre-deployment sites.



  • Complete Wireless LAN Site Survey Solution
  • Runs on a standard Windows laptop computer
  • Uses standard 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless network adapters
  • Google Earth Integration
  • Spectrum analyzer support for true interference detection
  • GPS support for collecting data
  • Effective for office buildings, warehouses, cafes, city-wide hotspots, campuses, and most any Wi-Fi deployments
  • Simple location tracking by clicking on a floor plan image
  • Instantious or continuous radiowave data collection
  • Very affordable product for mapping your wireless coverage
  • Automatically maps out your wireless network
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