Workshops on Demand

Offering new WLAN technologies to the market requires fast, cost efficient and unique "first insights" about features and values that these technologies are bringing to the table. Saying that we provide regular online webinars for our products/services, on-site/virtual workshops or vendor specific "test flights"The intention of these Workshops is to ensure that our partners are always up to date with new products and solutions and that they are able to pitch the solution for their customers with high presentational skills.

PoC - Proof Of Concept

We enable our partners to introduce new solutions to their potential customers and conduct tests under real conditions and environment. This apporach provides a quick and very cost-effective way of finding out if the requested technology meets your customers demans and requirements. Such approach also convince customers that you are a reliable partner and also often helps to speed up the closing deal decision.

Configuration and planning Services

Out partners can take laverage of our knowladge in order to properly design and deploy WLAN networks for their customers. There are a lot of bad WLAN deployments in almost every segment which are destroying Vendor's brands or partner's reputation which often causes them to lose project or faith from their customers.  Aero-IT is a loyal and trustftul VAD, which provides best effort that Vendor's and partner's intentions are fullfilled 100% and that customer is receiving 100% working solution and support, based on their requirements and expectations.

• Site surveys and environment verifications

• Equipment configuration 

• Use Case and Solution preparation

• Project management

• Network verifications

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