TamoGraph Site Survey 6.0 + special promo pricing!

We are pleased to announce that Tamosoft has released a new version of TamoGraph for Windows and macOS, a software tool for Wi-Fi network planning and site surveys.

What's New in Version 6.0:

  • 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) support.
  • A new dashboard that displays real-time signal levels for a selected SSID or selected APs, scanner status, scan cycle duration, and number of visible APs.
  • Reports can now be saved in editable ODT (OpenDocument Text) format, in addition to PDF and HTML. The ODT files can be edited in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.
  • Multilevel undo and redo in the RF virtual planner.
  • You can now copy and paste virtual objects.
  • A new custom antenna editor that allows you to create your own antenna patterns for new APs. Watch Using TamoSoft Antenna Editor on YouTube to preview this new tool for advanced users. Some cool image recognition technology there!
  • An improved antenna selection dialog.
  • Signal level correction is now possible for passive surveys, in case you want to calibrate your Wi-Fi adapter to make sure that its readings match a reference adapter model. You can also emulate clients with poor RF sensitivity using the Client Capabilities panel.
  • The "Spectrum" view has become "Spectrum and Networks": you can now see Wi-Fi network overlays on the spectrum map when you don’t use a spectrum analyzer.
  • Performance improvements when working with large projects.
  • You can now control what hints will or will not be shown while working with the application.
  • Plus many other improvements and bug fixes.

About Tamosoft

TamoSoft develops cutting-edge security and network monitoring software for the Internet and Local Area Networks, providing clients with the ability and confidence to meet the challenges of tomorrow's technology. Keeping pace with the industry trends, Tamosoft offers professional tools that support the latest standards, protocols, software, and hardware for both wired and wireless networks.

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