Aerohive ATOM - my new favourite IoT device

Aero-IT is in Wi-Fi business since 2012. At that time, everyone were talking about 802.11n and Cloud management approach to manage high demanding Wi-Fi environments. At that time, Aerohive was already a pioneer in cloud managed infrastructure with a great proof of work since 2006.

Later, as you already know, the industry is heading towards multi gigabits networks with 802.11ac and 802.11ax technology.During all this years of work and more then 300 successfully deployed projects, one problem remained consistent in almost 70% of the projects. This was cabling infrastructure. New buildings never had this problem, but customers who needed to upgrade their wireless infrastructure from legacy technology they were not always able to re-position the Access Points as this would involve changing also their cabling infrastructure, which was a mission impossible in most of the cases. On this way, customers did a compensation and they placed the new APs on the old cabling infrastructure, which of course is not always the best way to go. 

But this was a problem until now. I’m happy to say that we now know of a solution to this problem.

What is Aerohive Atom AP30? It’s a 2×2:2 dual radio 802.11ac access point. You can plug it directly into an electrical outlet and you can either connect it into nearby ethernet cable or connect it via mesh to your Aerohive Networks infrastructure or you connect it with a "client mode" to your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure from Cisco, Ruckus, Aruba, Mikrotik, Ubiquity, etc,.. Although it might come in a small package, it’s no slouch. It includes a L7 firewall, application visibility and control, QoS, user profiling, and VPN. It also has Bluetooth Low Energy support.

What are the use cases for Aerohive ATOM?

- Places Where cabling is already in place

- Rooms where you need to extend coverage to, but new cabling isn't feasible or cost-effective (coverage dead zones)

- Temporary locations (pop-up stores, kiosks, enterprise events, etc,...)

- Remote workers (supports layer 2 VPN client)

- Network overlay for sensors of analytics

Check how easy it is to deploy Aerohive ATOM

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