Shifting SMB Wi-Fi Market: Key Considerations for Buyers White Paper

Just several years ago, the need for Wi-Fi was not so obvious then it is today. In the past, companies were happy to buy the consumer devices in the store which was completely sufficient for them. Today, wi-fi devices are growing faster the mushrooms after the rain and there are billions of them already...even in small companies (which is how big companies usually start).

So, my point is that even in SMB (Small Medium Business) companies, number of Wi-Fi devices is growing constantly...and the majority of WLAN vendors have already introduced their solutions to address SMB Wi-Fi market to help them handle and keep up with the growing needs of their company. The idea is to start small and then grow and scale...this is where all revenue growth for WLAN vendors is happening.

So, what are the key considerations for a SMB Company when they are buying the Wi-Fi Solution?

- Quality and Value: Enterprise quality devices, lifetime warranty, no limitations in scalability and connected devices

- Cloud Managed: Controller business is decreasing every year, because more companies are seeing future in the cloud business, especially in Managed services offered by their solution providers. WaaS (Wireless as a Service) is just one of them.

- Ability to upgrade as needed: Why pay full price in advance for features that are not needed. For SMB there is no need for Enterprise grade features. For a SMB it should be important that they can expand to Enterprise grade features, with no hidden costs and hardware replacement. 

A great report of key Considerations for SMB Buyers can be found here.

We strongly recommend to read it :)