Aerohive Networks at 16th RoEduNet Conference, Targu Mures, Petru Maior University

The speech and presentations brought by Combridge 's partners Juniper and Aerohive Networks were just extraordinary. Not the usual product marketing stuff, but really visionary, think-out-of-the box exercise about where the networking is leading to.

According to Lx Renner's presentation, if the networking industry will follow the car industry, where the industry already reached the goal of self-driving cars, in 10 years we should have self-designed, self-provisioning, self-configured, self-monitored, self-healing networks that would automatically meet SLA, and btw: no need for network geeks. Instead, there would be a natural language for declaration of the intent in which you express what you want from the network (as an example: transmission of a sport event from X to {Y,W,Z} and the network would be automatically there and working, with all components of it ordered, deployed, configured and working. How does that sound?

Stephen Hoy, an excellent speaker explained to us through excellent use cases and real life examples how WiFi is more than connectivity, delivering real time intelligence to all stakeholders. With more devices per person than ever before and an insatiable appetite to service more people, faster, better and smarter, the principles of wireless connectivity are changing to create a personalised seamless experience for everyone.

Thank you for the organiser, Hadrian Dan Popescu for inviting us to this great event.