The Aerohive Cloud Services Platform is a globally distributed, cloud-based infrastructure that is home to Aerohive developed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. The Cloud Services Platform also leverages our patent-pending Cloud Proxy feature to seamlessly integrate a set of partner Cloud applications to create robust solutions for Aerohive customers that are provisioned through Aerohive¹s own HiveManager Online SaaS.

HiveManager Network Management System

This single, out-of-band enterprise-class network management system handles configuration, OS updates, and monitoring of up to thousands of Aerohive access points and routers.

 HiveManager Datasheet

HiveManager NG
HiveManager NG is Aerohive’s next generation enterprise-class cloud-enabled network management solution.


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 HiveManager NG Solution Brief
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HiveManager Online
Designed to make it cost effective to start small and grow a network, HiveManager Online comes in two flavors - Express mode, for simpler AP-only deployments, and Enterprise, a powerful network management system for access points and branch routers.

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 Public or Private Cloud

ID Manager
ID Manager is a cloud-enabled enterprise guest management system that integrates with your existing authentication system without the addition of hardware or software.

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