6th September 2017 in Warszawa, Poland


Are you a system integrator, ISP or a managed service provider looking for new business models to offer managed LAN & WLAN products and services to your customers? Do you want to learn more about cloud managed LAN & WLAN from Aerohive Networks? If your answer is yes, you must visit our Workshop, where you will learn more about these awesome new technology.
Test Flight is a tailored technical program to allow you to meet with Aerohive technical experts and get hands on with Aerohive to configure, integrate and roll it out into any typical network scenario.


Warszaw Marriot Hotel,
Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79
00-697 Warszawa
Time: 9:30 - 15:00

What will the Work Shop be about?

During this half day workshop, you will configure network settings yourself and experience how easy and simple it is to operate and deploy Aerohive’s Management Platform. You will learn the business benefits of a controller-less Wi-Fi solution and have the opportunity to discuss your specific business challenges direct with our specialists during the networking session at the end of the workshop.

You will learn how to:

* Complete a typical Wi-Fi network planning scenario
* Integrate Aerohive APs in the central management tool (HMNG)
* Create network policies that enable employees on your network 
*Create Guest policy with Self registration that enable access automatically with each having a unique PSK

We will be also speaking about:

- Wi-Fi monetisation and marketing platform
- Meetings Wireless Collaboration and content charing
- Network management and monitoring

*Each Company receives A FREE Access Point with 3y Cloud management with no obligations.